Neil stripes and gilds a new bug







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Great poster in October camper and bus of the bay's roof, advertising the Volksworld Show 2011. Another stunning shot from Dan du Cros at junctioneleven.


VW Ultra cover this month is Dokke Shertian's race bug that Neil went to Holland to letter and panel line earlier in the summer.

bus roof camper and bus.jpg

the painter vw ultra.jpg 

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Volksworld Camper and bus

the October issue of camper and bus is out......which is sad because it makes us  this weeks fish and chip paper..[our bus was on the cover last month] but also cool because it has a feature on the Hed bus that we did the signwriting on...having come from the Type2detectives lowering and engine clinic

It belongs to Ciclismo who are the UK's major importer of HED wheels and aero bars, it is fully fitted out to display race bike wheels...so that you can spin them on the hub, it was used as a stand at last years London bike show at earls court where they got it signed by among others Alberto Contador Tour de France winner.


hed bus.jpg

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Andy Robinson Pro-mod

Following a disastrous engine explosion and subsequent fire in Finland, which burnt their beautiful Studebaker to the floor, The Robinson's embarked on a major rebuild......in a matter of weeks.

Blasted, rebodied, replumbed and wired and with a fresh motor Luke, Andy, Kate and Stef turned the car round in time to race at Hockenheim , and then on to Santa Pod for the Euro finals.

We did our bit by adding some complementary emergency airbrushing and fire fighting graphics to help get the car back out quickly.

The team will be back at Santa Pod this weekend to fight for the National Pro-mod title.

more info on this incredible rebuild www.robinson-race-reports.co.uk

smokin stude.jpg

robinson door.jpg

robinson flip.jpg



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krugger lid

Custom painted lid for a guy who owns a Krugger built bike. Worth checking out if you are into bikes...he is a Belgian bike builder whose custom bikes are simply stunning.



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had the pleasure of signwriting this nicely restored 64 hi-top for The Split Screen Icecream Company. Watch out for it next year at shows and festivals selling delicious organically made icecream. Also available for parties and weddings.







photo 4-5.JPG

photo 2-4.JPG

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tv bus

One of our favourite buses the' TV Bus' is up for sale, probably with the best stance ever and running 17 inch rims, with an innovative interior motive interior....at £17000. Hmmm wonder what it would look like with a flowery roof.

if you want more details contact paul@type2detectives.com


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