revamping our local indian

have just finished a revamp on the windows and signage at our local curry house.....thats dinner sorted for a few weeks then.

photo 1 (4).JPG

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58 scooter

lovely vintage scooter in for stripes..




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Dyna glide striping

Monday morning and Neil gets to weild his Xcaliber on a Harley Dyna Glide...


A lot of stuff we are doing at the moment is unbloggerable .....we are working on designs for seven full custom paint jobs.....four before Christmas but all due to debut next year. And four historic formula 1 chassis.

so sorry if the blog has been a bit slow.....I will sort out some of the in progress pics of cars we painted last year to show how they evolve and how much goes into them.....such as Tar Babe, Dyno pincher 2,


photo 5.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 1.JPG



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Its a Puzzle.....

this is very cool, in volksworld december issue an advert for a competition on the VolksWorld Show website.....make the jigsaw puzzle, screen save your time and the fastest will win show tickets



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put this little video of Neil striping with a swirl-Q on you tube, it is a little interlude on our pinstriping DVD

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bits and bobs

in between sign jobs...[we've been doing some vinyl van liveries and our local curry house fascia,] Neil has been honing his goldleaf and airbrushing skills on a large aluminium roundel sign. Yes when he gets the chance he still does stuff for fun and to experiment.

It should be good when its finished, although I've shown a close-up as he is altering some of the design.

Also we've finally made a frame for the excellent 60 inch Le Bug Show 2009 poster that Stephane had printed for us, it features an amaZing graphic design of 'Dyno-Pincher' which we painted with the Paintbox . And will look great in our living room....

bug in.jpg



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panel lining

just found this slide show of Neil panel lining Matt's Turbo Race Bug....excuse the clicking as I speed him up...his hands are powdered to glide along, and the blue tape line is to guide him..though he manages to stay 5mm away from it uniformly.

The speed is just a tad faster than he would pull it....


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