Its a Puzzle.....

this is very cool, in volksworld december issue an advert for a competition on the VolksWorld Show website.....make the jigsaw puzzle, screen save your time and the fastest will win show tickets



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put this little video of Neil striping with a swirl-Q on you tube, it is a little interlude on our pinstriping DVD

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bits and bobs

in between sign jobs...[we've been doing some vinyl van liveries and our local curry house fascia,] Neil has been honing his goldleaf and airbrushing skills on a large aluminium roundel sign. Yes when he gets the chance he still does stuff for fun and to experiment.

It should be good when its finished, although I've shown a close-up as he is altering some of the design.

Also we've finally made a frame for the excellent 60 inch Le Bug Show 2009 poster that Stephane had printed for us, it features an amaZing graphic design of 'Dyno-Pincher' which we painted with the Paintbox . And will look great in our living room....

bug in.jpg



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panel lining

just found this slide show of Neil panel lining Matt's Turbo Race Bug....excuse the clicking as I speed him up...his hands are powdered to glide along, and the blue tape line is to guide him..though he manages to stay 5mm away from it uniformly.

The speed is just a tad faster than he would pull it....


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beautiful weather in Brighton today for Brightona a large bike rally, Neil was kept busy striping and lettering all day.

some amazing bikes, and a really great Airbrush artist next to us...not the generic skull...and celtic crap with mask  lettering...no a proper airbrush artist.... Colin from airbrush-art.co.uk ....pics tommorow

here are some pics to give you the vibe..and a video of Neil working.









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The Power of Flower

we have received lots of complimentary emails about our bus roof, thanks to all those who contacted us, seems lots of people like a flower. Even bikers and mopar men!


We got an  email from Jerome an upholsterer from France who liked it so much he has used it as influence on a scooter saddle. His work looks really first class so check-out his blog

Hello guys, I'm a french upholstery man, working for VW fans, and I like your awesome job, and specially you Bus, and the job pant you made on the roof!This week, I stiched a saddle of sccoter for my shom room, with inspiration of you roof. I hope It's not a problem for you, and if you want and have time to see my job, you can click here: http://sellerieguepe74.skynetblogs.be

Thanks for all, and for the dreams witch you transform in awesome paints.Best regards, Jérôme GOMEZ.




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The Lion King

popped along to the London Cycle show at Earl's court and met the great Mario Cipolini...the lion king himself.

Probably one of the best sprint winners that road cycling has ever know......3 minute to 30 seconds of explosive energy....thats all you need!!


interesting that last year it was all about funky and retro fixies....they are so over now !!! Its all super light weight hybrid/commuter bikes in alu with carbon forks....super fast to ride but with mountain bike type geometry and straight bars   and loads of time trialy looking road bikes covered in graphics.


photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 5.JPG

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