The Power of Flower

we have received lots of complimentary emails about our bus roof, thanks to all those who contacted us, seems lots of people like a flower. Even bikers and mopar men!


We got an  email from Jerome an upholsterer from France who liked it so much he has used it as influence on a scooter saddle. His work looks really first class so check-out his blog

Hello guys, I'm a french upholstery man, working for VW fans, and I like your awesome job, and specially you Bus, and the job pant you made on the roof!This week, I stiched a saddle of sccoter for my shom room, with inspiration of you roof. I hope It's not a problem for you, and if you want and have time to see my job, you can click here: http://sellerieguepe74.skynetblogs.be

Thanks for all, and for the dreams witch you transform in awesome paints.Best regards, Jérôme GOMEZ.




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