had a great time at Vanfest in Malvern, great company and some great buses. Its becoming one of my favorite uk volkswagen shows, as its so vast and therefore very 'un scene' which is kinda refreshing...its also in quite a beautiful location. This year actually rode to the top of the hill to admire the view.

Great to check out Jason Hewitt's full-on custom panel van gleaming in the sun,and nice to chat to him too... not only did he do all the aibrushing and laquering himself, he also taught himself to weld and restored it. That's not the end of his talents as he also has a tattoo studio based in Norfolk.

Nick Openshaw won best Splitscreen Commercial with his newly signwritten hi-top.[ Pic of Summer Openshaw with the trophy]

vanfest marin.jpg

summer openshaw.jpg






ptoo bus.jpg

crowd vanfesr.jpg

dave harries.jpg


best commercial.jpg

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