prosign's bay window photoshoot video

Neil Singleton shot a cool video of the bus photoshoot...

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Phil's audi powered bug for sale


all details here




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what happened to august??

wow august seems to have come and gone....week off and then onto some bike shows...finishing with a big one in cornwall.

Our bus is featured in Volkswprld Camper and Bus....a stunning studio photoshoot and a very entertaining write up...thanks to all involved.  Its on sale now www.vwcamperandbus.com











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body bionic bus

really taking shape now....

nick flowers.jpg

nick front.jpg

nick side.jpg

nick side2.jpg

shade nick.jpg

nick gol2.jpg

nick shade.jpg

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adidas store window

another revamp at the carnaby street store


adidas store.jpg

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more vw buses

Friday on Nigel's skatebus saturday Neil gets stuck into Nick Openshaw's latest bus...he has a work panel, and our old 66...this is a hi-top 65.

goldleaf and shades to follow..

nick 2.jpg


nick 1.jpg

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