Running fast just to standstill

sorry for the lack of updates...but its been very busy. Here is a big update and we've been working on a bit of everything recently.

Russell Ritchie's race beetle Tar Babe, signwritten as a faithfull replica of the original at the Paintbox. This is now in California to debut at Bug-in, alongside Underdog2 another california classic with Prosign applied kandy graphics.

Matt Keane's turbo race beetle gets the finishing touches.

Vinyl lorry liveries for Anchor bay.

Neil paints a red fade-out onto a Davidoff Gulf liveried Le Mans longtail F1.

Marcus and Neil start prepping a new front end for the Marc Meihuizen pro-mod firebird after a start line crash and major engine fire. This  Robinson built car will have a full flame , Chrome and airbrushed lights by Thursday, when it goes back




lanzante gulf

lanzante 2


all torque rear

all torque rear2

tar babe2

tar babe


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