Bay metamorphosis

since buying our late bay in summer 2007....

[Neil and great mate Dave Canon flew to Linz in Austria..took a hire car into the mountains to buy it and drive it straight home]

it has been contantly changing...its visited the T2D stance clinic for lowering....its had a camping interior fitted and upholstery from Bernie, and a little body straightening and fresh paint at Brickfield VWs

Its final stage is about to begin...and I will give a picture progress on it....a kustom paint roof..it is a Prosign bus trademark..expect 70's/biba/flowers/house of kolor. As soon as the engine is back in it will be underway in time for VolksWorld.....I think Ninove is too optimistic....

here is the story so far.........................original 40,000 mile untouched bus through to now..

bay austria1

bay high






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