Despite 2009 being a credit crunch year for everyone....and we certainly noticed a huge drop off in vinyl vehicle liveries ....we still managed to work on some great custom paint, nostalgia lettering and pinstripe projects. Whilst Neil is off doing some top secret airbrushing on cars for a major race team, and I'm weeding some boring vinyl, I thought I'd post some of our favourites.

The year started with a paint scheme on Dyno Pincher..with the Paintbox

Then another Paintbox-Prosign collaboration on the Lee Leighton car for Russell Ritchie [Neil's personal fav]

Then a flame job in HOK paint for Phil at Brickfield

In return Phil did an amazing re-paint on the Prosign bay, it got the full lowering treatment at T2D , and a camping interior and upholstery from Bernard Newbury.

A promotional paint sheme for Nokia on an ice-cream van, with the help of C&C Panels.

Some trademark Neil stripes on a Jon Golding built pick-up

Some great signwritten projects in cahoots with the type 2 detectives...this one on Wayne's stunning crewie.

A bit of additional lettering on Greg Bishop's Triple 6 race bug 


and a full flame and chrome paint scheme on Mark Mehuzen's Robinson built Pro-street Camaro










jongolding chevydetail













lee leighton




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